We are just a couple of Iowa boys trying to give Texas a run for it's money” - Eli Alger

Check out Eli Alger & The Faster Horses dishin out BOTH kinds of music.. Country AND Western... 

Talk to Ann Marie Westercamp (Manager) about having The Faster Horses at your next event! 

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"These guys got it all, I seldom see many 6-piece bands in general, but with fiddle,  lead guitar,  keys, AND 4-piece harmonies, Plus they seem to have a hard time standing still... these goobers are just a downright good time." 

- Ann  Marie




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Best National Anthem ever sung in Carver. You could hear and feel the emotion in every word . Well done ❤️🤍💙” - Beth Gerst Prior

"I’ve booked Eli Alger many times for Beer Can Alley Des Moines, Omaha, and Sioux City. Always easy to work with on the details and provides one of the best solo shows we’ve had in! Great crowd engagement, not just a guy playing songs on stage. 10/10 would recommend to any venue, event, or party."

- Joe Wells, Beer Can Alley Talent Buyer

“Eli Alger - a traditional country artist with a wide vocal range and great stage presence and personality. He struck us as the real deal and looked the part in a smart blue shirt and oversized black cowboy hat. We expect to hear more from him again soon.”

- Music City Nashville

“Eli Alger is the best Up-and-coming country western artist we've had here, raised in Iowa but now living and performing in Nashville, TN.”

- Kalona Brewing Company

"Iowan Eli Alger working to make a name for himself in country music scene." 

- KCRG Cedar Rapids

"Iowa rising star working to make it on the country music scene." 

- KCCI Des Moines

"Eli played Deringer's Public Parlor last Saturday and we had a BLAST! He is so involved with the crowd and it's so cool how pumped up he gets for his shows. We switched up his set a little bit to fit our upbeat, outgoing, and dance heavy venue, and he rolled with it beautifully. Eli and the band were so friendly and fun to have and those overalls were the icing on the cake! Will definitely have Him back."

-Derringers Public Parlor, Cedar Falls

Seriously the best d@mn band I've ever seen! ” - Austin Lamm
Iowa musician taking steps to make it on the country western music scene”


"I have had Eli play at Renee’s Roadhouse several times. He never disappoints. He keeps the crowd entertained with his great song selection and energy on the stage! Hope to have him back next time he’s in Iowa!!"

- Renne Regennitter, Owner of Renee's Roadhouse

“Thank you, Eli for playing at Club 76, The Lodge in North Liberty, Iowa. Our customers and staff cannot wait to have you back!! Amazing talent and music!! We look forward to getting you back on the schedule!! Strum on with your bad self!! 👍”

- Jennifer Cook, Venue owner/operator

"Been following Eli for quite some time now. First time I heard him play/sing was circa 2013/2014. It’s been crazy watching him live his dream out and documenting all of it for his fans to see. So, here’s to Eli and the Flock: can’t wait to see how high we can fly. Cheers!"

-Mitch Wirfs | Solon, IA


“For me, there is no other way to play a show than like it’s your last, I don’t care if I’m playing a dive bar for tips or in front of 10,000 people. I’m always going to be in full character, dressed to the 9’s, and as energetic and interactive with the crowd as I possibly can, there is simply no other option. I carry that mentality with me off the stage as well because it’s not just an act, it’s who I am, I just love to entertain…”.   - Eli Alger 

Corn-fed and headstrong, Eli Alger is churning new dirt in an old-school way amidst the Nashville country music scene. The Des Moines Iowa native singer/songwriter was raised both cutting wood for his chores and his teeth playing bars with his eyes set on a bigger stage. With black & white fridge door pictures of his great-grandpa Larry Elmo working stellar crowds sporting overalls and a fiddle, and parents who sang to him since he was in diapers, Alger was constantly exposed to all kinds of music. Ultimately, it was that traditional 90’s country twang that truly resonated. 

 Between his world champion wrestler father, Royce, and his successful entrepreneur business owner grandfather, Larry, as role models, Eli developed a “stick-to-itiveness” attitude seeing that anything was possible if you were willing to give it your all and put in the work. Taking the lessons he has learned from his musical heroes and from his finance degree earned at the University of Iowa, Eli has now begun to establish himself as an old soul with innovative nuances. Holding lyrical depth, truth, and emotion in high regard with that traditional soul in his back pocket,  Alger embarked on his journey to Music City in the fall of 2020. 

Alger’s goal is to bring an energy, sincerity, and intensity to country music's table that is unique to him alone. Eli’s passion and goals are clearly heard when speaking to fans about his dream to give his beloved home state of Iowa a never before had voice in the world of country music, and a big one at that.


The Faster Horses have opened for the likes of Randall King, Eric Paslay, Lori Morgan, and recent Garth Brooks and Alan Jackson events. They have also broken the attendance record at the last few festivals they've performed at. At their latest venued concert at the fabled Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, IA, in June of 2023, the band received a massive standing ovation for their performance.

As a solo artist, some of Eli's proudest moments thus far are when he performed the Star Spangled Banner at Madison Square Garden for a full house in New York City and then again in front of former President Trump at the NCAA Wrestling Championship Finals in Tulsa, 2023. When opening for Lorrie, Eli received a standing ovation from a packed venue of 1,500+ attendees. Lastly and his favorite, he had the pleasure of CROWD SURFING while performing just a duo show in front of 500 people in a 400 capacity Honky Tonk in Ames, Iowa. 

In September 2021, Alger released his much-anticipated debut single, "REDNEXICO," to country radio, where it quickly gained placement and popularity on independent radio around the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Since "Rednexico's" release, Alger has gained recognition both in Nashville and around the U.S.

It, amongst other achievements, has also earned Eli and his band THE FASTER HORSES a tour schedule consistent with fairs, festivals, rodeos, and big-name artist opening acts as well as interviews and spotlights on major news stations, podcasts, and talk shows. "Rednexico" has so far surpassed 250k streams across streaming platforms. 

This is not all, though! The band has followed up their debut single with multiple heavy hitters like "Dollars On The Wall," a close-to-home tune penned by Alger about an old sheep barn turned Dollar Bar he's had fond memories of patronizing his whole life with his grandad. Along with their latest release, "Blue Bell Bottoms," an absolute "ELECTRIC FACTORY" (as Alger likes to call it) smothered in bongos and cowbell and drenched in fiddle & keys to boot with a four-piece harmony featuring The Horse's very own Matt Lale both with monster backing vocals, keys, and a spine-chilling scream at the end of the song, and last but not least Mr. Aaron Lee McCoon of the OAK RIDGE BOYS singing bass. "Blue Bell Bottoms" has been topping independent radio charts and receiving massive amounts of love from their rapidly growing fanbase. In fact the bands entire catalog was recently placed on all AMI JukeBoxes Nationwide.

In Eli's own words regarding "Blue Bell Bottoms": "When we wrote the song, we knew we had something reminiscent of a 70s big hair rock banger, but we also knew we needed to keep it as close to the traditional country vein that I've vowed to uphold as humanly possible... I think we hit that nail right on the head"

One of the band's fondest memories to date is when they took the stage in Alger's hometown of Lisbon, IA, to perform at the fabled 100+-year-old Annual Festival known as Sauerkraut Days, where they shattered the long-standing attendance record. The Horses attracted such a crowd that people were parking over a mile away on the highway and trekking in to see the show, where they sang every word to, "Rednexico." all five times that it was requested.

With thousands of shows under their belts accumulatively, you can be sure that Eli Alger & The Faster Horses will put on a powerful, emotional, professional, and, most importantly, ENTERTAINING performance whenever taking the stage.

"For me, there is no other way to play a show than like it's your last. I don't care if I'm playing a dive bar for tips or in front of 10,000 people. I will always be in full character, dressed to the 9's, and as energetic and interactive with the crowd as I possibly can. There is no other option, and if the people enjoy their experience enough to want to meet the band and me after the show, you can rest assured that we will be signing autographs until the lines are gone. We carry that mentality with us off the stage as well. It's not just an act. It's a lifestyle…".  - Eli Alger